Which Vikings need to step up to get a win in Week 6 over the Falcons?

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(Photo by Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports) Mike Hughes /
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The Vikings’ most significant scrutiny after their loss against the Seahawks was whether or not they should have gone for it on fourth down at the end of the game. But that’s not what lost Minnesota the game. What lost them the game was the string of events that led up to that.

One could argue that the Vikings should have kicked the extra point rather than going for the two-point conversion after their touchdown at the end of the third quarter. That would have made the choice to kick the field goal at the end of the game an easy decision as it would have put Minnesota up by two scores. But it’s also easy to say that once the matchup is all said and done.

The Vikings are going to have to be very meticulous with their play-calling this week. While the Falcons defense hasn’t been great this season, Minnesota is still going into the game with an offensive line that has struggled, specifically on the interior, and the offense will likely be without their starting running back.

That’s could be a recipe for disaster. Gary Kubiak and the Vikings offense will have to be on their A-game this week to get a win over Atlanta.