Why the Vikings should not fire Mike Zimmer before their next game

(Photo by Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports) Mike Zimmer
(Photo by Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports) Mike Zimmer /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Now isn’t the time for the Minnesota Vikings to fire Mike Zimmer.

Following their team’s incredibly disappointing loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, some Minnesota Vikings fans are hoping that Mike Zimmer is shown the door before they return for their next game against the Green Bay Packers in Week 8.

Sunday’s loss has left the Vikings with a 1-5 record and easily their worst start to a season since Zimmer was hired to be the team’s head coach in 2014.

Changes are obviously in order for Minnesota and some could happen sooner than later (perhaps during the bye week). But the Vikings firing a head coach who has led them to the divisional round of the playoffs twice since 2017 is not a decision they should be making during the middle of a season.

It’s clear that this year is going to be a tough one for Minnesota and a return to the playoffs is pretty much non-existent after this week’s loss to the Falcons. For the remainder of the season, the Vikings ownership needs to see how Zimmer responds in his current situation.

Can he get Minnesota back to at least being competitive each week or is the rest of the team’s schedule just going to look similar to how they performed on Sunday?

Whatever happens, the Vikings should at least allow Zimmer to continue as their head coach for the rest of the season and there are multiple reasons to explain why.