6 reasons why the Minnesota Vikings will make the 2020 playoffs

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Justin Jefferson
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Justin Jefferson /
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Minnesota Vikings
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The Minnesota Vikings have what it takes to earn a spot in this season’s playoffs.

Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys was a difficult one to swallow for the Minnesota Vikings. This wasn’t necessarily because of the way they lost, the Vikings just knew they were the better team on the field that afternoon, and they should have been the ones to leave the building with a win.

With the loss, Minnesota is now 4-6 and their playoff hopes are hanging on by a thread. The NFC is ultra-competitive this year and even with there being an extra spot up for grabs in the postseason, a number of good teams are going to be left on the outside.

Over the next six weeks, the Vikings’ goal will be to make sure they are not one of the teams left watching the playoffs from their couch this season like all of their fans.

If Minnesota is actually going to make it into the postseason this year, it’s likely going to require them to win at least five of the final six matchups left on their schedule.

Can the Vikings do it? The short answer is yes. It’s still a realistic possibility and there are multiple reasons to believe why Minnesota can end the 2020 regular season as one of the seven NFC teams to qualify for the playoffs.