7 of the most ludicrous myths about Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins /
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Cousins is a game manager

“Game Manager” is not an incessantly persistent term associated with Kirk Cousins style, but in the shadows, it is often theorized that “game manager” is all he needs to be.  Vikings fans know the textbook game manager types – Brad Johnson and Matt Cassel reasonably fit the title.

Cousins is not that. He’s never been a game manager. He’s the only player in the NFL to throw 25+ touchdown passes in each of the last six seasons. Game managers don’t throw north of 25 paydirts annually. It’s preposterous to float this title. Indeed, there are times that Dalvin Cook is hot, and Cousins hands him the ball because of that momentum. But who the hell wouldn’t? If a football team is gashing another via rush, it is foolhardy to start flinging the ball.

The Vikings have tallied five wins in six weeks because of Kirk Cousins, not in spite of his performance. He was the league’s top quarterback in the month of November statistically. It just so happened that his teammate, Cook, was remarkable, too. Cook took home Player of the Month honors.