Vikings Power Rankings: How far did Minnesota fall after Week 15?

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Are the experts right about the Vikings this week?

At this point, it’s a little surprising that the Vikings are still close to the middle of the pack when it comes to comparing them to the rest of the teams in the NFL. A 6-8 record is definitely subpar and the only reason they are as high as they are is that there are a lot of other teams that are just plain horrible this year.

Still, after watching this team the last two weeks, it’s obvious they are not a contender. Minnesota was exposed even worse on defense without linebacker Eric Kendricks in the lineup and the inability to maintain the team’s “bend but don’t break” defense is a challenge for the young roster to achieve. Seeing the Vikings rank somewhere around 20 seems more than fair.

For now, there is optimism that Minnesota could be very good in the future. Several of the team’s 2020 NFL Draft picks have shown a ton of potential and a number of players returning from injury will be huge, especially for the defense.

Next week’s power rankings will be telling. If the Vikings can get a win against the New Orleans Saints and the other games can fall their way in Week 16, power rankings could once again be talking about Minnesota in the playoffs. Otherwise, the conversation will likely shift to the 2021 NFL Draft.

Where do you think the Vikings deserve to be ranked among other teams in expert power rankings? And what are your reasons to be optimistic about the future of the franchise? Let us know your opinion in the comments.