Michael Irvin blasts Randy Moss for recent comments about Jerry Rice

(Photo by Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Michael Irvin
(Photo by Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Michael Irvin /

The Hall of Famer doesn’t think the former Minnesota Vikings receiver is the greatest ever.

Years after catching tons of touchdown passes in a Minnesota Vikings uniform, Randy Moss has become a hot topic of discussion recently thanks to some thoughts he shared on a podcast.

On a recent episode of the “Getcha Popcorn Ready with T.O. & Hatch” podcast, Moss was asked who he believed is the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. The former Vikings pass-catcher unsurprisingly said himself followed by Terrell Owens, and then Jerry Rice at third or fourth.

Since he shared these thoughts, numerous current and former players, including Rice, have weighed in on the debate of who actually is the best receiver in the history of the league.

Michael Irvin offers his opinion on the comments from the former Minnesota Vikings receiver

During a recent interview on San Francisco’s 95.7 The Game, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and current NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin was asked who he thought deserved to be regarded as the top pass-catcher in league history. As usual, Irvin wasn’t shy about his opinion.

"“Jerry Rice is the greatest of all time. If anybody says anything other than that, they need to see some kind of doctor to examine his cranium. Period.”"

Irvin then took the discussion even further with his thoughts on where Rice should rank among every player to ever suit up in the NFL.

"“I got Jerry Rice up there with the greatest player ever, period. I don’t wanna hear wide receiver. I’m talking about period, of all time.”"

What started as a little comment on a podcast has certainly blown up and become a nationwide topic of discussion during the last few days. Who knew Moss’ opinion of himself would trigger so many former NFL players?

Here’s where the supporters of Rice fall short though. The majority of people that think Rice is the greatest receiver of all-time always refer to his stats and how he’s at the top of most major receiving categories.

So if we’re going with this logic, does Irvin also believe that Emmitt Smith is the greatest running back of all-time since he holds the league record for career rushing yards? Irvin might be the wrong person to ask that question to since Smith is a former teammate of his, but most that have followed football over the years would not put Smith at the top of their all-time running back list.

Does Irvin also think that Bruce Smith is the greatest defensive end in NFL history since he is the owner of the league’s all-time record for career sacks? Probably not.

But for some reason, Rice being the career leader in a bunch of receiving stats is the main reason behind why many believe he should be known as the best wide receiver ever.

Moss chose himself as the greatest due to the tremendous impact he had on the game. Ask most of the NFL’s top receivers from today who they watched growing up and who they model their game after. Not all of them will say Moss, but the majority definitely won’t be choosing Rice.