3 teams that could trade for Kirk Cousins in the 2021 offseason

(Photo by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) Kirk Cousins
(Photo by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) Kirk Cousins /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Which teams might be interested in trading for the Minnesota Vikings quarterback?

When the final whistle blew last Sunday in Detroit, Kirk Cousins walked off the field with his finest statistical season in a Minnesota Vikings uniform since signing with the team in 2018.

In his third year with the Vikings, Cousins threw for a total of 4,265 yards, 35 touchdowns (career-high), and 13 interceptions while also adding another score with his legs.

His numbers didn’t make a big enough difference for Minnesota, however, as the team missed the playoffs for the second time in the quarterback’s three seasons with the franchise.

A ton of blame for the Vikings missing out on a spot in the postseason can be placed on the team’s underwhelming defense. But Cousins throwing 10 of his 13 interceptions in Minnesota’s first six games of the 2020 campaign didn’t do much to help the team’s playoff aspirations either.

With two years still left on his current contract, the veteran quarterback is expected by most to return as the Vikings’ starter for the 2021 season. But Minnesota is now about to enter the offseason, which is a time when just about anything can happen.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to the NFL offseason each year. It seems safe to say that Houston Texans fans didn’t think the team was going to trade All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins last March, but that’s exactly what happened.

So with there always being numerous teams around the league that are in need of some quarterback help each offseason, there might be a team that tries to make a deal with the Vikings for Cousins. Who are a few that could be interested in trading for the Minnesota quarterback this year?