4 realistic candidates to be the next Vikings offensive coordinator

(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) Klint Kubiak
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) Klint Kubiak /
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Let’s hope not

The four individuals listed above should the considered the best realistic options to hire for the offensive coordinator position of the Minnesota Vikings. There are some other realistic options for the job, but those individuals each bring some big negatives when it comes to bringing them into the franchise.

Rick Dennison – Another in-house option, Dennison has been the offensive line/run game coordinator for Minnesota since 2019. Considering the lack of quality from the offensive line over the last few years, this hire might not go over too well despite having 11 years of experience as an offensive coordinator in the NFL.

Andrew Janocko – More in-house options! Janocko has been with the Vikings since 2015 and has primarily worked with the receivers and offensive line. He is coming off a promotion in 2020 and could see the next step up if the general manager believes he has the ability to take on more responsibility for the team.

Pep Hamilton – Although he is an option, there are plenty of red flags surrounding Hamilton that could keep him from being hired. Over the course of his coaching career, he has bounced around the NFL and many of his stops have been less than impressive. Coaching teams like the Browns, Lions, and Jets doesn’t help his resume, but Pep has some major questions to answer before the Vikings should be confident about hiring him.

Which realistic candidate to become the next Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator are you hoping joins the team for the 2021 NFL season? And are there any you absolutely do not want? Let us know in the comments.