Justin Jefferson and C.J. Ham have the same favorite Vikings teammate

(Photo by Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports) Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen
(Photo by Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports) Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen /

The Minnesota Vikings are known for having some fun in the locker room. Fans got a glimpse of that for a while with the entertaining “96 Questions” segment hosted by Brian Robison in the past, but ever since that series ended it has been hard to see the players talk and joke candidly among each other.

Having a record of 7-9 and missing the playoffs isn’t going to put the players in a good mood. Despite that, players are bound to make friends and enjoy each other’s company during the long, hard practices, meetings, and travel involved with playing in the NFL.

Many of those relationships form through being parts of the same unit or similar interests. Sometimes it is mutual respect or mentorship where a veteran takes a young player under their wing to teach them about the differences between playing in the NFL and college.

Recently, an article on the official Minnesota Vikings website shared a story about legendary defensive lineman John Randle, current fullback C.J. Ham, and rookie wide receiver Justin Jefferson speaking to the 2020 Minnesota All-State Team and answering some questions, including one about their favorite teammate.

Who is the favorite Minnesota Vikings teammate of C.J. Ham and Justin Jefferson?

John Randle may have chosen two Pro Football Hall of Fame members in Randall McDaniel and Cris Carter to be his favorite teammates of all time, but it was a bit surprising to see both Jefferson and Ham choose the same player as their current favorite: Adam Thielen.

Jefferson praised Thielen’s work ethic and attitude in his explanation.

"“I work with Adam [Thielen] the most, so I can say Adam just because of his attitude toward the game and wanting to come to work every single day and help be a part of something and play football. That’s all he wants to do.”"

Meanwhile, C.J. Ham was a little disappointed not to be Jefferson’s favorite teammate but also settled on Thielen as his current favorite while giving some love to his former running backs at the same time.

"“I probably would have said Adam Thielen, too. I love my running backs group. I love all of my teammates, but to think about it, the running back room when I first made it into the league in 2016 with Adrian Peterson, Matt Asiata, Jerick McKinnon, and Zach Line was the fullback at the time. Those guys really showed me how to be a pro and walked me into it. It was a great year with them.”"

Adam Thielen seems to be quite popular in the Minnesota Vikings locker room and among fans. Of course, it’s easy to be loved when you go off for 900+ yards in four different seasons and catch a career-high 14 touchdowns during the 2020 NFL season.

At only 30 years old, Adam Thielen has some great years in front of him and should continue to play at a high level for the Minnesota Vikings for a long time. Hopefully, those years come with Justin Jefferson and C.J. Ham with him in that purple and gold offense.