Did Stefon Diggs just take a shot at Vikings QB Kirk Cousins?

(Photo by Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) Stefon Diggs
(Photo by Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) Stefon Diggs /

In his first NFL season not wearing a Minnesota Vikings uniform, Stefon Diggs took his performance to an extremely high level. As a member of the Buffalo Bills in 2020, Diggs ended the regular season as the league leader in both catches and receiving yards.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, the former Vikings receiver and his new quarterback in Buffalo, Josh Allen, went out of their way more often than not to make sure the public knew that the two of them had a good relationship.

It was almost as if Diggs wanted to destroy the narrative of him wanting out of Minnesota because he didn’t get along with Kirk Cousins.

Did the former Minnesota Vikings receiver recently hint at a poor relationship with Kirk Cousins?

On Thursday, Diggs was a guest on ESPN’s “First Take” and he was asked what it meant to him to have Allen go out of his way to support the receiver in the public eye.

"“Having a quarterback like Josh Allen that is a lot similar to me as far as being a perfectionist, [being] a guy that wants to work hard and wants to be good at what he does, for me it meant a lot. Because when your quarterback’s behind you, it means everything.I would go to war for him each and every day. I practice hard for him each and every day. We’re striving to be great and going on a battlefield, you trust a guy that’s got your back. And he never once, he didn’t turn his back on me, he didn’t say anything slick. He’s got my back right or wrong and I’m rocking with my guy.”"

These comments can be interpreted in a variety of ways. But it’s fair to have a take away that Diggs was emphasizing what’s different about his current quarterback compared to the guy he had throwing him passes in Minnesota.

Talking about how having your quarterback’s support means the world and saying how Allen didn’t turn his back on him could be some of the things Diggs was missing from his relationship with Cousins.

So far, Diggs’ career outside of the Twin Cities is off to a great start. He should be able to keep up his level of play in 2021, but it will be interesting to see how strong his relationship with Allen remains when the Bills experience a larger amount of struggles than they did this past season.