5 times former Minnesota Vikings players shined in movies or TV

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Adrian Peterson

Although his list of acting jobs is quite short, it’s hard to deny the impact that an appearance from an NFL MVP can make on a show. That kind of power is exactly what helped to elevate the two television episodes in which he appeared.

The season 4 premiere of The League didn’t have Adrian Peterson appear and had a baby about to be born. That that didn’t stop Kevin from worrying about his production following a torn ACL in regards to playing fantasy football. The doctor says he would be nuts to draft him before the third round. Fans will remember the following season saw Peterson flirt with the NFL single-season rushing record and was named the NFL MVP. Plus, that episode had an extremely brief cameo from former Vikings left tackle Matt Kalil.

However, the season 4 finale revealed that the star running back is dating Gina, Pete’s former fling, after meeting Peterson in a bar. Pete debates playing him in his lineup during the championship game out of spite and disgust.

On the other hand, Entourage has Peterson as a seller at an auction looking to move a dinosaur skull that is currently priced at $275K. The dialogue is short and sweet, but it’s still nice to see the all-time leading rusher for the Minnesota Vikings on the HBO series.

Notable roles:

  • Entourage (2010) – self
  • The League (2012) – self

Shining role: The League