Cordarrelle Patterson plays a mean joke on Vikings fans

(Photo by Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports) Cordarrelle Patterson
(Photo by Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports) Cordarrelle Patterson /

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson thought it would be funny to pull an April Fools joke on the fans of his old team.

After his rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings in which he scored a total of nine touchdowns, many had high hopes for Cordarrelle Patterson and what he could develop into.

Patterson made an immediate impact for the Vikings as a kick returner during his first year with the team and he also displayed an impressive elusiveness to make his opponents look silly whenever the football was in his hands.

Unfortunately for him, Minnesota’s offensive staff tried to force him into becoming a traditional wide receiver, and the flashes he had out on the field as a rookie turned out to only be sparks. Patterson has still remained in the NFL since leaving the Vikings though, most recently as a member of the Chicago Bears.

Cordarrelle Patterson plays an April Fools joke on Minnesota Vikings fans

Thursday marked the first day of April and it is also known to many as April Fools’ Day. There are some out there who enjoy playing a prank or a joke on this day every year, and then there are those who like to live it just like it’s another normal day.

Patterson, who is still a free agent, thought it would be hilarious to send out a tweet on Thursday that appeared to indicate he was re-joining his former team in the Twin Cities.

Even for the Vikings fans who knew that this could possibly be a joke since it was posted on April Fools’ Day, it still felt like something that could be real since he is still looking for a team to sign with.

But shortly after Patterson made that post on Twitter, he sent out another tweet that the Minnesota fan base did not enjoy.

So there you have it. Patterson thought it would be so funny to pretend he was returning to a team that still has plenty of fans who root for him.

Since he was joking about returning to the Vikings, this would actually seem to be an indication that his former team probably hasn’t reached out to him about potentially re-joining their roster for next season.

Patterson would definitely help improve Minnesota’s terrible special teams, but a reunion isn’t something his old team appears to be looking for at this moment in time.