Throwback uniforms could return for Vikings in 2021

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) Onterrio Smith
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) Onterrio Smith /

A rule change could allow the Minnesota Vikings to take the field in a throwback uniform for the first time in the Mike Zimmer era.

Back in 2013, the Minnesota Vikings unveiled a completely new uniform design for the first time since 2006. The Vikings have stuck with this design since 2013 and over the years, they’ve rolled out a number of different variations, including the “Primetime Purple” design that they wore against the Dallas Cowboys last season.

Something that has been missing from Minnesota’s closet during the last few years, however, has been any sort of throwback uniform. Week 7 of the 2011 season against the Green Bay Packers was the last time the Vikings took the field in an old uniform design.

Since then, Minnesota hasn’t been able to wear one of their throwbacks because of an NFL rule that doesn’t allow for a player to have more than one helmet. However, the elimination of this rule is expected to be discussed by the league sometime this offseason.

Will the Minnesota Vikings wear a throwback uniform in 2021?

Before the 2013 season, a rule was put in place by the NFL that prevented players from using more than one helmet per year.

This rule was created by the league to help avoid head and neck injuries since it was believed that the stiffness of a brand-new helmet could potentially cause more problems for a player than one that had already adjusted to the shape of their head.

Due to this rule, NFL fans haven’t seen teams be able to wear a number of the most notable throwback uniforms including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ creamsicle design, the Philadelphia Eagles’ kelly-green design, and the New England Patriots’ Pat Patriot design.

Last year, current Bucs head coach Bruce Arians shared some info that he probably wasn’t supposed to when he said that the league will be ending the one-helmet rule in 2021. After Arians’ comments, the league said “there are ongoing discussions for a potential change for the 2021 season, but no decisions have been made.”

That doesn’t sound like a flat-out denial by the NFL. So if Arians is telling the truth, will we be seeing the Vikings take the field in a throwback similar to the one they wore in 2011? Or might they come out with a different throwback design that honors the days of Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper from the early 2000s?