What exactly did Brett Favre say about Derek Chauvin?

(Photo by Shelley Mays/The Tennessean) Brett Favre
(Photo by Shelley Mays/The Tennessean) Brett Favre /

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre recently shared his thoughts on the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was trending on Wednesday, and it wasn’t for anything related to the sport that made him a multi-millionaire.

Instead, Favre was trending for some comments that he made on a recent episode of his podcast, “Bolling With Favre”. The episode began with Favre’s co-host, Eric Bolling, asking for the former Vikings quarterback’s thoughts on the recent verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

Favre started his comments by saying he finds it “hard to believe,” that Chauvin, “intentionally [meant] to kill George Floyd.” This is the part that was picked up by multiple online publications and it’s how the former Minnesota signal-caller became a trending topic on Wednesday.

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre says Derek Chauvin was ‘absolutely wrong’

Everyone is free to agree or disagree with Favre’s opinion on the verdict. But the judgment should be made on his full response and not just a small snippet of what he said. 

Below are Favre’s full comments on the verdict in the Chauvin trial.

"“I find it hard to believe, and I’m not defending Derek Chauvin in any way, I find it hard to believe, first of all, that he intentionally meant to kill George Floyd. That being said, his actions were uncalled for. I don’t care what color the person is on the street, you do not [do that]. I don’t know what led to that video that we saw where his knee is on his neck, but [Floyd] had thrown in the towel. It was just uncalled for.Much like the video that surfaced last week of the cop who pulled over the African-American serviceman, who was afraid to pull over in the dark and chose to ride it out until he got to a gas station, understandably so, especially in today’s world. And [after] the cop’s actions, of course he was fired immediately, [it] was uncalled for. Just absolutely uncalled for and wrong.So Derek Chauvin, I obviously don’t know him, don’t know anything about him, but he should have gotten up, long before [he did]. I didn’t watch the day-to-day ins-and-outs of the trial, but I’m really not surprised at the outcome. Fair or not, [Chauvin] deserved something. What? I don’t know, but he was absolutely wrong.”"

After reading everything that the former Vikings passer said about the verdict, there are a bunch of things he said that haven’t been included in some of the recent news articles about his comments.

In addition to condemning Chauvin’s actions which led to the death of George Floyd, Favre also expressed his disappointment in an incident in Virginia that was recently made public in which police pepper-sprayed and handcuffed a Black and Latino Army officer during a traffic stop that resulted in no criminal charges.

The bottom line is, the former Minnesota signal-caller didn’t agree with any of the actions taken by Chauvin during the death of Floyd or by the police in Virginia. 

It’s completely fair to disagree with his opinion that Chauvin didn’t intentionally kill Floyd. But Favre also makes it known that it doesn’t matter if he committed the crime with intent or not, he deserved to face the consequences of his actions.