7 best moves of the Minnesota Vikings 2021 offseason

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Patrick Peterson /
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Keeping a Kubiak in charge of the offense

When it comes to building a consistently successful offense, continuity is an extremely huge factor.

Since Kirk Cousins was signed by the Vikings in 2018, he’s had a different offensive coordinator on the sidelines for Week 1 in each of his three seasons with the franchise. This year won’t be any different as Klint Kubiak will become the fourth-different offensive play-caller for Minnesota during Cousins’ tenure.

One might assume that having someone different run the offense every year doesn’t really promote any sort of continuity. However, the Vikings have made an effort to keep the majority of the offensive schemes and concepts the same during the last few seasons.

With Kubiak stepping in for the 2021 campaign, not much is expected to be different about the way Minnesota’s offense runs compared to last season when the elder Kubiak was in charge of the unit.

With Cousins coming off one of the best years of his NFL career, Dalvin Cook emerging as a premier running back, and Justin Jefferson looking to top his record-breaking rookie success, promoting Klint Kubiak to essentially keep the offense the same as last season should end up paying off for the Vikings in 2021.