Patrick Peterson takes subtle jab at former team with recent comments

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Patrick Peterson
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Patrick Peterson /

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson recently shared what he’s liked about his new team since departing from the Arizona Cardinals earlier this year.

The idea of Patrick Peterson not playing in an Arizona Cardinals uniform is something that not many people thought would ever happen. But now Peterson is a member of the Minnesota Vikings and he’s ready to get back to being one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL.

During the last two weeks, Peterson has been taking part in the Vikings‘ OTA practice sessions to get familiar with his new teammates and coaches.

The veteran corner has already raved about how much he’s enjoyed being with Minnesota since he signed in March. But during a recent episode of his “All Things Covered” podcast, Peterson made sure to let his former team know exactly why he’s so much happier with the Vikings.

Patrick Peterson shares how the Minnesota Vikings make him feel differently than the Arizona Cardinals

We’ve shared snippets of Peterson’s podcast on here in the past. But if you haven’t heard the show yet, give it a listen because it provides some unique insight into the life of playing professional football for a living from the minds of the Minnesota cornerback and former NFL player Bryant McFadden.

So on the latest episode of “All Things Covered”, Peterson was asked about what the experience has been like so far to work with Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and the rest of the team’s coaching staff. His answer is definitely not going to please some of the Cardinals fans who used to root for him during every game for the last 10 seasons.

"“Nothing against Arizona. [I was there] for 10 years, I get that. [But there’s] nothing like going somewhere where you are appreciated and not tolerated.Here’s my point. [I was in Arizona] for 10 years, everybody knows Pat Pete is going to come up to work, I’m going to do my thing. But it was almost like I was tolerated there. Versus being in Minnesota [where] I’m appreciated.”"

Peterson made sure to clarify that his comments were not directed at any of his current or former teammates. These feelings he has are more about how he felt some of his former coaches treated him in Arizona.

He knows this, but a lot of Cardinals fans are probably not going to be very happy with these recent comments. But they will get their opportunity to show how they feel when Peterson and his new Minnesota teammates travel out west next season to take on Arizona in a Week 2 matchup.

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This was already going to be a competitive contest between two teams that could potentially contend for an NFC playoff spot in 2021. With Peterson’s comments though, this game is quickly turning into must-watch TV.