Browns insider shares intriguing info about Vikings DT Sheldon Richardson

(Photo by Jeff Lange/Beacon Journal) Sheldon Richardson
(Photo by Jeff Lange/Beacon Journal) Sheldon Richardson /

Cleveland Browns insider Mary Kay Cabot recently shared an interesting piece of information about current Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson.

Last Monday, the Minnesota Vikings fan base got some great news when it was revealed that the team’s top pass rusher, Danielle Hunter, would be in attendance for last week’s mandatory minicamp after agreeing to a re-worked contract.

Shortly after all of this came out, a report began to circulate about Sheldon Richardson and the Vikings being close to reuniting after working together in 2018.

Then on Tuesday, Minnesota announced that Richardson would officially be suiting up in purple and gold once again as a part of their 2021 roster.

Sheldon Richardson reportedly signed with Minnesota Vikings after turning down more money from Cleveland Browns

The veteran defensive tackle and the Vikings were ultimately able to agree to a one-year, $3.6 million deal that could pay him up to $4.2 million if he is active for every game next season.

After he signed with Minnesota, Richardson shared that his original hope was to return to the team that released him in April, the Cleveland Browns. But he said that the Browns were unable to give him what he was looking for, so he signed with the Vikings.

Now, this sounds like Cleveland didn’t offer Richardson enough money to return to their roster this year. But apparently, this wasn’t the case.

Richardson actually turned down more money from the Browns to sign with Minnesota, according to’s Mary Kay Cabot on Sunday. Cabot mentioned that the amount he turned down wasn’t significantly more than what he got from the Vikings, but this is still an interesting piece of information.

It shows that Richardson’s experience with Minnesota in 2018 was enjoyable enough for him that he was willing to return for less money than what he could’ve reportedly received from the Browns.

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How the Vikings decide to use Richardson in their defense will be one of the more intriguing things to watch in 2021. But his arrival certainly has Minnesota excited about the potential of their defensive line next season.