4 most underhyped Vikings heading into the 2021 season

(Photo by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) Tyler Conklin
(Photo by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) Tyler Conklin /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Anthony Barr, linebacker

There was a time when Anthony Barr was the favorite player of a lot of Vikings fans. Images of him chasing down quarterbacks and speeding down the field to make a tackle are a distant memory to a lot of fans.

A contract restructure makes it look like this could be Barr’s final season in Minnesota but that’s not an absolute given. The new deal makes this effectively a contract year for the veteran linebacker who will turn 30 on his next birthday.

Barr only played two games last season before exiting due to injury. However, it will be interesting to see how the linebacker duo of he and Eric Kendricks are able to hold down the middle of the field since both players are looking to be healthy and ready for action.

Hearing nearly nothing positive about a four-time Pro Bowl defender is strange. He’s too young to be completely washed up yet it still feels like he has a lot to prove if he wants to remain with the Minnesota Vikings going forward. Look for him to give it everything he has to make a statement this year.

Which players for the Minnesota Vikings do you think aren’t getting the attention they should heading into the 2021 NFL season? And who is getting far too much media notoriety? Let us know in the comments.