5 most surprising things from the Vikings 2021 training camp so far

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Minnesota’s low vaccination rate

It’s pretty much the most Vikings thing that they just happen to have the lowest number of players in the NFL to receive a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Last week, the Washington Post reported that only 64.5 percent of Minnesota’s players are fully vaccinated, which is significantly low since 90 percent of the players in the entire league have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

This isn’t the best news for a team like Minnesota that has Super Bowl aspirations. If the Vikings have a COVID-19 breakout this year, it could force backups into starting spots or even cause the team to forfeit games, thus sinking the entire season.

Obviously taking the vaccine is a personal decision and everyone has the right to decide what to put into their bodies. However, it’s still frustrating for some to hear some of Minnesota’s players talk about doing everything they can to avoid contracting COVID-19 except for getting the vaccine.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has made it very clear how he feels about his players who have chosen not to be vaccinated and he’s definitely not happy about it.

Zimmer knows that Minnesota’s low vaccination rate could present a huge competitive disadvantage for the team during the upcoming season if they have another exposure incident like the recent one involving Kirk Cousins that keeps key players in quarantine.