Minnesota Vikings might have a major problem in their locker room

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Cameron Dantzler
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Cameron Dantzler /

Following his team’s big win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Cam Dantzler took to Twitter to express his frustrations.

Sunday was a great day to be a member of the Minnesota Vikings after the team was able to finally get their first win of the season by defeating the Seattle Seahawks.

The Vikings locker room was full of cheers, high-fives, hugs, and players dancing. Minnesota was thrilled with their victory on Sunday and they had every right to celebrate.

However, one member of the Vikings was not happy with how a few things went during the team’s Week 3 win over the Seahawks.

Cam Dantzler posts cryptic tweet after Minnesota Vikings defeat Seattle Seahawks

When it comes to defending the pass, Minnesota has been pretty disappointing so far this season. The Vikings rank 27th in passing yards allowed after the first three weeks of the 2021 campaign and their struggles continued on Sunday against Seattle, especially in the first half.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 298 yards against Minnesota with 218 of those yards coming in the first two quarters of the matchup. Wilson had no trouble finding open receivers in the first half on Sunday.

As he sat on the sideline and watched his teammates in the secondary struggle, frustrations continued to build up inside Vikings cornerback Cam Dantzler. So much so that shortly after Minnesota went into the locker room after beating Seattle, Dantzler took to his Twitter account and posted the following cryptic message.

Dantzler had zero snaps on the defensive side of the ball against the Seahawks, so it’s easy to understand why he was unhappy after the contest.

However, it’s not a great look for him to post this less than an hour after Minnesota earned their first win of the season. It shows a lack of awareness and there’s even some selfishness mixed in as well.

Did Dantzler think his coaches were going to see this and immediately make him a starter for the Vikings’ next game? If anything, something like this isn’t going to help him get snaps on defense any sooner.

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The tweet has since been deleted, but now Dantzler’s coaches and teammates will likely have to be asked about this during the next few days when their focus should be on beating the Cleveland Browns next Sunday.