Packers coach hilariously roasted by Vikings play-by-play announcer

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After the Green Bay Packers fell to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, a Packers coach attempted to discredit Minnesota’s performance.

In the 24 hours since Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph sent the Green Bay Packers back to Wisconsin with their third loss of the season, there has been an above-average amount of complaining from the fan base that chooses to wear cheese on their heads.

The majority of the complaints have been about the officiating during Sunday’s game, which is rich coming from people who root for a Packers team that is known for getting calls to go their way more often than not (phantom facemask anyone?).

But the complaining apparently spread to at least one member of Green Bay’s coaching staff, who attempted to talk some trash when walking by Vikings play-by-play announcer Paul Allen on Sunday.

Green Bay Packers coach gets ripped apart by Minnesota Vikings play-by-play announcer

As Allen was preparing to start the weekly “Between The Lines” recap show for after Minnesota’s win, a Packers coach chose to walk by and tell the longtime Vikings play-by-play announcer that he “better not talk into that microphone and give your team any credit.”

Unsurprisingly, attempting to talk trash with someone like Allen who makes a living by coming up with quick reactions to the events going on in front of him didn’t go very well for the unnamed Green Bay coach.

Here’s what Allen had to say in response to the Packers coach who needed someone else to blame besides himself for his team’s loss on Sunday.

"“I’m going to take the high road on it and say I’m very impressed with the Green Bay Packers finding a way to win eight games despite all those injuries, [Aaron Rodgers’] toe, COVID, lying, and everything. So I’m not going to say to that coach what I wanted to say like ‘you can go ahead and put Eric Stokes on Justin Jefferson [for] the rest of his career. And like [Jefferson] did in 2019 when he was with LSU and Stokes was with Georgia, he killed him, and he killed him again today, and he will kill him every single time they meet. So I’m going to end it right like that.Best of luck to you guys the rest of the way, and quite honestly, I hope you lose every single freaking game the rest of the year.”"

Now, as for who this mystery Green Bay coach was that ended up getting roasted by Allen, that is something we do not know.

Since Allen did mention Packers cornerback Eric Stokes in his response, one can assume that this coach was probably someone who works on the defensive side of the ball. And with Stokes still in mind, it could have possibly been Green Bay defensive backs coach Jerry Gray or assistant defensive backs coach Ryan Downard.

It would be very interesting if it was actually Gray who attempted to talk trash after the game since he was Minnesota’s defensive backs coach from 2014 to 2019.

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At the same time, it could’ve just been some low-level Packers intern who made the comments. We’ll likely never find out who it actually was, but at least we get to enjoy Allen’s response forever.