Kirk Cousins’ dad likes tweet saying Mike Zimmer should be fired

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Kirk Cousins /

As the 2022 offseason inches closer for the Minnesota Vikings, the father of Kirk Cousins is making his feelings about Mike Zimmer public.

Anyone who has decent vision in at least one of their eyes can see that Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and quarterback Kirk Cousins don’t have the greatest relationship in the world.

Most would argue that a solid relationship between the quarterback and the head coach is incredibly vital in the success of a football team. Zimmer and Cousins know this, but anytime an attempt seems to be made to try and get each other on the same page, they do their best impressions of oil and water.

When it comes to the upcoming 2022 offseason, there are some who believe the Vikings will be making a decision to either stick with their starting quarterback or their longtime head coach next season. Unsurprisingly, Cousins’ father, Don, would like to see Minnesota pick his son and show Zimmer the door.

Father of Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins creating unnecessary drama between Mike Zimmer

So how do we know that Cousins’ dad wants the Vikings to part ways with their current head coach? Well, that would be due to some of his recent activity on the internet.

In a bit of a passive-aggressive decision, Cousins’ father recently liked a post on Twitter that suggested it’s time for Minnesota to move on from Zimmer.

That’s not the only anti-Zimmer tweet Cousins’ father has hit the like button for recently either. He’s been using his personal Twitter account (@DonCousins1) to keep up with his under-the-radar dislike for the Vikings head coach.

Cousins’ dad is free to like whatever tweets he wants. But he has to know that liking these posts related to Minnesota firing Zimmer is going to make life a lot more difficult for his son inside the team’s locker room.

Cousins’ dad is also giving the Vikings’ owners a reason to not choose the quarterback over Zimmer in 2022. The potential drama created by these liked tweets is unnecessary and totally avoidable.

It’s completely fine and understandable that Cousins’ dad is on his son’s side when it comes to who Minnesota should stick with in 2022. But he shouldn’t be doing something that could actually have an impact on the players and coaches inside the team’s locker room.

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