4 options the Vikings have with Kirk Cousins in 2022

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Kirk Cousins
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Vikings extend Kirk Cousins

This would be met with a mixed response, to put it mildly. However, the Vikings extended Kirk Cousins once and the organization doing so again cannot be ruled out entirely.

It’s clear what the perception of Cousins is at the moment. A serviceable player that needs everything to go right around him.

That’s all well and good until it comes to the crunch. There’s been far more good than bad where the signal-caller is concerned this season and handing him a one or two-year contract might free up funds to spend elsewhere depending on the player’s demands.

Almost every cent given to Cousins since his free-agent move from the Washington Football Team has been fully guaranteed. Perhaps if he cared about the team’s progression, accepting a discount during future negotiations could extend his stay.

This might also be dependent on the future of Mike Zimmer, which is still up in the air right now, according to recent reports. If Minnesota keeps the respected figure despite missing the playoffs for two straight years, then the quarterback might also get a reprieve of sorts.

However, there have been times this season when the frustration Zimmer’s shown towards Cousins has been obvious. And if the Vikings are forced to make a choice between the two, it’s a difficult one to predict.