5 biggest takeaways from the Vikings during the 2021 NFL season

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Mediocre and inconsistent isn’t good enough

If you look up the word “average” in the dictionary, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Minnesota Vikings logo right next to the definition. The team has a record of 15 wins to 18 losses over the last two seasons and came close, but couldn’t make their way into the playoffs.

The Vikings also found themselves within one score of their opponents far too many times during the 2021 NFL season They played to the skill level of their opponents the entire season and couldn’t put together games where the offense and defense were both playing well.

It was hard to know which Minnesota team would show up each week. Sometimes it would be a team that scored over 30 points or it could be the Vikings squad that could only muster one touchdown in a game.

Also, there were games where Minnesota couldn’t register a single sack and other weeks they got five or six takedowns of the opposing quarterback. Both sides of the ball were different every time they took the field.

Having a consistently good team is what separates an average team from making the playoffs or making a deep run. The Minnesota Vikings seemed to accept their place while not really finding their identity throughout the whole season, and that lack of focus led to their downfall

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