8 realistic candidates to be the next Vikings general manager

(Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports) John Dorsey
(Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports) John Dorsey /
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Thomas Dimitroff

Things might have ended on a sour note for Thomas Dimitroff with the Atlanta Falcons, but that doesn’t mean the front office figure doesn’t deserve a great deal of credit for his sterling work during his time with the organization.

Dimitroff was largely responsible for putting together a Falcons team that was among the NFL’s most dynamic once upon a time. It didn’t quite end with a Super Bowl championship following their capitulation against the New England Patriots, but it does provide a good indicator as to how he could help the Minnesota Vikings get out of their current flux.

This represents a feast or famine move, one suspects. And it remains to be seen whether Dimitroff could hire the right guy given he appointed Dan Quinn, who started well but saw things blow up in his face towards the end.

Much will obviously depend on just where Minnesota sees itself. Are the owners looking to rebuild from the bottom up or think they are right on the cusp of something special once again?

The preference would probably be for the latter. Dimitroff has the track record most cannot boast, and his previous experience working under Bill Belichick is another positive working in his favor.