4 most disappointing Vikings in the Week 18 win over the Bears

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Tyler Conklin
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Tyler Conklin /
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Oli Udoh – OG

It wouldn’t be a disappointing list without Oli Udoh mentioned. He’s been on this list just about every single week since Week 4 and it is for good reason. Udoh can’t do his job. He tries but he isn’t strong or quick enough and his technique isn’t good enough to make up for those shortcomings.

His performance against the Bears in the season finale could’ve been his worst of the year. He didn’t stand a chance against players like Angelo Blackson and Bilal Nichols. Those two aren’t perennial Pro Bowlers but they made Udoh look silly.

Cousins was under constant duress and had no time to scan the field or even look off his first read before feeling the pressure bearing down on him. Udoh’s run blocking wasn’t much better and Cook found it awfully hard to find any positive yardage up the middle.

His second half was a little better, but it is fair to argue the Bears had cashed it in at that point. Udoh’s future in the league is likely as a backup. He does bring value as a versatile offensive lineman who can play tackle in a pinch, but he’s proven he shouldn’t be starting every single week.

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Hopefully, the Vikings’ new head coach realizes this, and Udoh is demoted next season. If we see him starting a single game in 2022, that’ll be a disappointment.