Ranking the top priorities for the next GM of the Minnesota Vikings

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(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman /
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The Minnesota Vikings have to decide on Kirk Cousins

This is not a statement about whether Kirk Cousins should stay or not, nor is it an emphatic judgment of his play as the Vikings’ quarterback. The simple fact of the matter right now is that the Vikings have to decide whether or not he will return as the quarterback in 2022 and perhaps beyond.

There is an argument to be had for both sides and that is going to run well into the offseason until a decision is made by the front office and the coaching staff. Whoever is given the position will need to make a statement early on to signal what the plan is going to be.

Whether you love Kirk Cousins and think he is the best quarterback or you are ready for his time to come to an end, I think we can all agree that his tenure has been filled with ups and downs. The stage has been set for the next quarterback and it will be hard to replace a guy like Cousins but the Vikings have to consider all options.

Team success rides on the success of the quarterback. The Vikings have to have confidence in the quarterback next season and there is no guarantee that the new coaching staff is going to feel that way about Cousins.

Once the GM and head coach are selected, the first decision they will make will likely be focused on Kirk and the offense. Is Kirk Cousins worth the $45 million he is owed next season – or even worth extending to prolong his cap penalties – when the team is still a bit away from truly contending?