4 reasons why the Vikings are a good situation for GM candidates

(Photo by Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Justin Jefferson
(Photo by Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Justin Jefferson /
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Minnesota’s search for the next head coach will be interesting

Not only will the next general manager have a bunch of stars on offense to build around, but they will also have their pick of the litter when it comes to the head coach. With Mike Zimmer gone, the Vikings have to be aggressive in their search for a head coach, but they also need to make sure the general manager gets who he wants.

The tricky part here is the time between hiring a general manager and a head coach. If the Vikings wanted to get things done quickly, they may rush into the hires and wind up with the wrong choices. If they wait, they run the risk of missing out on interviews with candidates who take jobs elsewhere. Since the Bears have openings at general manager and head coach, the Vikings would hate to lose out to a division rival.

I still think the best thing to do is to take their time in the search for a general manager and let that hire select the head coach. Even though this may be a bit longer of a process, the Vikings have to get their leaders on the same page.

The head coach and general manager need to have the same vision for the team and that can be handled by letting the general manager select the coach. There are plenty of worthy candidates out there, so even if a few hires are made elsewhere in the league, the Vikings can still find a good head coach.

Minnesota’s next general manager will recognize that this job will give him freedom at head coach and even at quarterback. Can they successfully find the next great general manager and head coach pairing this offseason?