When trading for a QB could make sense for the Vikings in the 2022 draft

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Minnesota Vikings
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How much would the Vikings have to give up?

Trading up in the draft is tricky and not something the Vikings have done lately. With Rick Spielman out of the picture, we can hope to see some more aggressive moves to get their guy in the draft by trading up when the time is right.

If Minnesota wants to preserve a 2023 first-round pick (yes, they should) while going after a quarterback in 2022, they can make some plays into the back half of the first round to make it work.

Three hypothetical trades stick out as realistic options for the Vikings on draft night (or beforehand if they desire). Each trade keeps their 2023 first-rounder while also not handcuffing the Vikings for the 2022 draft.

Miami Dolphins

The first option would involve Kirk Cousins directly by moving him to the Dolphins in exchange for their first-round pick, which they got from the 49ers during the 2021 NFL Draft. Right now, that pick sits at 26th overall. Minnesota could offer Kirk Cousins for the 26th overall pick and cornerback Noah Igbinoghene. Igbinoghene was a first-round selection in 2020 but played just seven games in his second season with the team.

Given Minnesota’s lack of depth at cornerback, they have to take a gamble to improve the secondary. Getting a young player to build around while adding a pick that can be used on a quarterback is enticing from a distance.

New England Patriots

They could stay in the AFC East and strike a deal with New England who owns the 21st overall pick this year. In this case, the Vikings would offer up their 46th, 77th, and 206th overall picks in exchange for the 21st and 123rd picks.

This deal jumps the Vikings up 25 spots in the draft to get their guy, but it does cost them their middle-round picks. They can always recoup those via other trades, but it is worth the payoff if they hit on the quarterback.

New York Giants

Finally, the Giants are a team that needs to add a lot of talent. Moving down from the 35th overall pick to rack up an extra Day 3 pick is something that might entice them once the draft rolls around. The Vikings could get away with giving up the 46th and 154th picks for the 35th pick.

Trading into the top of the second round is not all that uncommon. Teams lose out on the fifth-year option, but that is not an important factor if the quarterback hits. If they find the face of the franchise in the draft, they will have no problems extending him after just three seasons.

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