It does not matter if the Vikings hire an offensive or defensive head coach

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) Raheem Morris and Sean McVay
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) Raheem Morris and Sean McVay /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Does it really matter if the Minnesota Vikings hire an offensive or defensive coordinator as the next head coach?

At the end of the day, the Minnesota Vikings should not choose their next head coach based on which side of the ball he currently coaches. The candidates that are in the mix right now can all bring plenty to the table and the Vikings have far too many issues to fix for them to strictly focus on one side of the ball.

We cannot let the last two seasons of Mike Zimmer dictate the future of the team and just assume that a defensive-minded head coach is 100 percent the wrong choice. If there was anything to be worried about with Zimmer, it was his old-school mentality and lack of trust in his players that ultimately cost them in the end.

For the first six years of his tenure, Zimmer was the right guy for the Vikings. But as the team got older, things slowly fell apart – and that’s okay! That happens in sports, especially in the NFL when players begin to slow down by age 30.

Just because Minnesota had a bad defense for two seasons, it does not mean they should stop trying to win with a coach that comes from a defensive background. In fact, I think it means the opposite. They need to find someone who can revitalize the defense and make the most out of a prospering offense.

It is time to stop looking at labels of coaches and instead look into what they have done, regardless of position, and how that can shape the future of this franchise.