Could Aaron Rodgers pull a Brett Favre and join the Vikings?

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) Aaron Rodgers
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) Aaron Rodgers /

Could All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers part with the Green Bay Packers and land with the Minnesota Vikings during the 2022 offseason?

Currently, the Minnesota Vikings are in the middle of one of the most important offseasons in recent history. It began with the Vikings firing both head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman earlier this month. Zimmer’s time with the team came to a close after an eight-year tenure and Spielman has left his desk in Eagan, Minnesota after joining the franchise in 2006.

Recently, the Vikings have been subjected to rumors to trade quarterback Kirk Cousins in the offseason. With a $45 million dollar cap hit for the 2022 season, Cousins will likely come with a heavy price tag, regardless of the team that pursues him.

The Twin-Cities premier football team may seem to be in a rebuild mode on paper, but rumors about pursuing Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and interest in Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh suggest otherwise. But the biggest move Minnesota could make is one within their own division with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers recently suffered another playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers. With the future unknown for the 38-year-old, could he follow suit of Packers legend Brett Favre and join one of Green Bay’s biggest rivals?

Getting Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to the Minnesota Vikings is not impossible

Rodgers is still under contract with the Packers, but he has a potential out once the new league year begins in March.

He has recently stated that he will “take some time,” to consider his future and talk to the organization he has been a part of since 2005. A trade within in the division feels like it’s next to impossible. But if Rodgers parts with Green Bay and Cousins is traded, the window of opportunity for the Vikings becomes wide open.

It’s no secret that Rodgers, even at 38-years-old, would be an upgrade over Cousins for Minnesota, and the story couldn’t be written any better. A disgruntled former Packers quarterback looking for a change gets the opportunity to show Green Bay just what they’re missing out on.

Lastly, Rodgers, a name synonymous with the rivalry between the Packers and Vikings, could heal the wound of boos, sports fandom-based hatred, and overall dislike that Minnesota fans hold for No. 12 by helping the Vikings capture something the franchise has never been able to; a Lombardi Trophy.

Leaving Green Bay, just as Favre did more than a decade ago, and joining Minnesota to win it all would be a great Cinderella Story for Rodgers’ career. Regardless of who the Vikings select to be their next head coach, whether it be Harbaugh or anyone else, they would all jump at the opportunity to add the three-time NFL MVP to their roster.

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