Vikings should look to San Francisco for a quarterback change

(Photo by Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports) Trey Lance
(Photo by Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports) Trey Lance /
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Minnesota Vikings
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The Minnesota Vikings could be in the market for a new quarterback in 2022 and the San Francisco 49ers are a team to keep an eye on for a few reasons.

Despite trading multiple first-round picks to move up for Trey Lance, the San Francisco 49ers made a deep run into the playoffs with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm. Now, the Minnesota Vikings should be very interested in the 49ers from a number of standpoints.

Lance was always expected to redshirt his first season in the NFL, but his arrival still motivated Jimmy to play at a high level when it mattered. That pushed San Francisco into the NFC Championship Game for the second time with Garoppolo under center, and they nearly reached the Super Bowl for the second time as well.

The team’s success with Jimmy has opened a bunch of doors for the upcoming offseason, all of which can play into the future of the Vikings. With the success of Garoppolo carrying over into the next season, there is a chance they decide to keep him as the starting quarterback in 2022.

Trading up for Lance was the right move for the 49ers last season, just as it was when the Chiefs moved up to land Patrick Mahomes in 2017. Both teams were still in contention for the playoffs, but Kansas City took the next step when Mahomes took the keys in year two.

Lance is a guy that has the tools and traits to carry San Francisco over the top, but the roster’s support of Jimmy cannot be overlooked. He has the favor in the locker room, and the rest of his team loves what he does, which includes some epic highs and lows.

The Vikings need to keep a close eye on the 49ers this offseason for a number of reasons.