Vikings should look to San Francisco for a quarterback change

(Photo by Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports) Trey Lance
(Photo by Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports) Trey Lance /
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Minnesota Vikings
(Photo by Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) Trey Lance /

Lance returns home

Perhaps more of a longshot, the Vikings should at least kick the tires on Trey Lance and his availability in the trade market. The 49ers have proven to be a contender with Jimmy Garoppolo and moving on from him could be detrimental to the team’s success.

What if, instead, the 49ers trade Trey Lance to recoup some of the draft picks they gave up to go get him in the first place and build a roster that can continue hiding some of Garoppolo’s flaws? Lance is a Minnesota kid with the size, athleticism, and arm to be a star in the NFL if he puts it all together.

The Vikings could get a third team involved to take on Kirk Cousins while they go after a young quarterback that can really turn things around. Lance’s ability to be a dual-threat quarterback and a game-changing player is worth the risk of moving picks for him.

Minnesota would be able to retain some of the picks by moving Kirk Cousins to a contender, especially in the NFC, where things are wide open. Tampa Bay, New Orleans, and Philadelphia would be intriguing options.

Jimmy would stay in San Francisco to continue pushing for a Super Bowl, which he has come oh so close to snagging over the past few years. Lance gets a fresh start in Minnesota, his hometown team, with a chance to turn them into perennial contenders for over a decade.

If the 49ers get risky, this is something the Vikings have to consider. Trey Lance would be an incredible building block next to Justin Jefferson.