4 QB options that fit Kevin O’Connell’s Minnesota Vikings

(Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images) Russell Wilson
(Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images) Russell Wilson /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

Now, if the Vikings really want to get spicy and go all-in for a championship run in 2022, Russell Wilson is the home run they could go after. Of course, Wilson would need to approve a trade to Minnesota as part of his deal, but he would be the superstar they need.

His numbers have taken a slight dip over the past two seasons, and many fans will argue that those numbers prove he is not an upgrade over Kirk Cousins, but that is not necessarily true. While their numbers are similar, Wilson has played with a poor offensive line (worse than Minnesota’s even) and his defense has been pathetic.

Both of those are similar excuses for Kirk Cousins, which is understandable, but Wilson still finds ways to win games. And while the argument of QB wins is tearing folks apart, it does mean something to find ways to win.

Over the past three seasons, Kirk and Russell are neck and neck in pretty much every quarterback stat. Cousins has the slight edge in yards and completion percentage while Wilson has more rushing yards, fewer interceptions, and more total touchdowns. The main takeaway, however, is their respective records.

Wilson (29-17) has been far better as a leader than Cousins (25-22) and his record over the course of his entire career speaks for itself. In a year in which Wilson battled an injury, he suffered the only losing season of his career as Wilson went 6-8 in 2021.

The Vikings would be a playoff team with Russell Wilson over Kirk Cousins and a trade would not be all that impossible. Minnesota could ship Cousins to Seattle on top of some mid-round picks to make it happen or they could form a three-team deal with Cousins elsewhere, Wilson to Minnesota, and picks to Seattle.

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The thought of Wilson chucking up his notorious deep ball to Justin Jefferson would be fascinating. This would be the grand slam deal the Vikings never seem to make and that’s why we should all be excited.