NFL Draft 2022: What the Vikings can expect from their Day 3 picks

Jalen Nailor - Syndication: Detroit Free Press
Jalen Nailor - Syndication: Detroit Free Press /
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Round 6: Vederian Lowe, OT – Illinois

For the first time in a while, the Minnesota Vikings have a duo of young offensive tackles that look as though they will be the bookends on the line for many years to come. That said, there is always room for a good swing or backup tackle on the roster.

Vederian Lowe could fill that need. As a late-round pick, taking a chance on a 6’5, 314-pound blocker who started at left tackle since his freshman year.. He is a high character individual who became his brother’s guardian and is married with two children. comparison and projection: none (Round 5)

The Good

Lowe is a strong, sturdy blocker who can stand toe-to-two with even the most powerful edge rushers. He uses his arms in a smart way to pack a punch when being engaged at the line of scrimmage and it can knock attackers off balance.

Aside from being such a high-character individual, he is also quite athletic for a big man. He has all the tools needed to develop into an excellent offensive tackle at the pro level if he can get his technique down working with coaches.

The Bad

With all the tools and athleticism he possesses, his technique needs a lot of work. Footwork can be a problem when moving laterally and his body positioning can let weaker pass rushers get leverage and beat him around the edge.

He needs to keep his eye level higher and work on planting his feet to anchor blocks. Although these are issues that can be corrected, they resulted in quarterback pressures and sacks at the college level.

What to Expect

For now, Vederian Lowe should be considered a project with a lot of upsides. He likely won’t be ready to be the team’s swing tackle in 2022, but stashing him on the practice squad while he works on his technique is a smart investment for a late-round pick.