Vikings legend delivers epic performance in schedule release video

(Photo by Al Bello/Allsport) John Randle
(Photo by Al Bello/Allsport) John Randle /

Former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle John Randle delivered an amazing performance in a video that revealed his old team’s 2022 schedule.

John Randle had a legendary career as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Undrafted out of Texas A&M-Kingsville, no one thought Randle would ever end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day.

But the former Vikings defensive tackle put together a career in the NFL that saw him rack up an impressive 137.5 sacks and hundreds upon hundreds of quarterback pressures.

Randle’s performance on the field wasn’t the only thing that Minnesota fans enjoyed about him though. He had an extremely outgoing personality and he was never afraid to show it, especially if it could potentially psych out one of his opponents.

John Randle delivers legendary performance in Minnesota Vikings 2022 schedule reveal video

Every year, whenever the NFL regular-season schedule is announced, each team around the league comes up with their own unique to reveal the slate of games to their fan base.

When it came to the Vikings and their 2022 schedule, they put in a call to their old friend Johnny Randle to help share the news.

With Minnesota’s first matchup of the 2022 season coming against the Green Bay Packers, Randle begins the video by shouting “I hate cheese” and using a blowtorch to eviscerate a piece of the edible dairy product that he despises.

A little later, the former Vikings All-Pro is shown sipping some tea and saying, “cheerio, we’re going to jolly old England to play the Saints.”

For Minnesota’s Week 6 game against the Miami Dolphins, Randle picks up what one could only describe as a sea shell with a telephone inside, and he lets everyone know that it’s the Dolphins on the other end of the line.

Fast forward to Week 14 when the Vikings take on the Detroit Lions and Randle is shown holding up a stuffed lion in the air, which he proceeds to then “mistakenly” drop from the top of a flight of stairs.

The best, and simplest, game reveal of the video is probably what he does for Minnesota’s matchup in Week 15 with the Indianapolis Colts. All that happens is Randle is shown on the screen, a toy horse pops up, the former defensive tackle shouts “Colts” and proceeds to punch the toy horse in the face.

Just as he did for them out on the field during his playing days, Randle went above and beyond to deliver a performance to remember for the team’s 2022 schedule release video.

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