5 current Vikings with the best Hall of Fame chances

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Justin Jefferson is projecting as an all-time great

It’s early but Justin Jefferson is trending in the right direction once his career wraps up down the line. His first two seasons have already proven to be record-setting with so much potential still in store as he enters his third season with Kirk Cousins and the first with Kevin O’Connell.

Jefferson will likely climb into Minnesota’s top-10 for career receiving yards after just three seasons with the franchise. He has also become one of the biggest stars in today’s game thanks to his famous Griddy which he shows off after every touchdown.

In such a short time, Justin Jefferson has exceeded expectations and solidified himself as a long-term superstar for the game of football. If he continues on this trajectory, he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a first-ballot inductee.

Now, continuing on the pace he is on would be an incredible accomplishment. It would not be easy to do what he has done with defenders getting more and more focused on his presence down the field, especially with Adam Thielen’s role diminishing in the offense at some point.

There is also a major question regarding Jefferson’s quarterback of the future. He can make any quarterback look good so that should not be a worry but if there are some down years after Cousins, Jefferson’s numbers could take a slight dent that would result in a tougher debate down the road.

Cousins will not be his quarterback for his entire career. The Vikings could find someone and have a seamless transition but there could be some hiccups as well. In the end, I think Jefferson is going to be in a pretty comfortable spot heading into the final years of his career but he will need to really capitalize on his numbers early on.

Chances of Jefferson reaching the Hall of Fame: Too soon to say, but he is trending in the right direction