5 dream scenarios for the Minnesota Vikings in 2022

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Cine becomes an instant difference-maker

There is a lot to like about Lewis Cine from a talent and mentality perspective The Minnesota Vikings secured the promising safety with their first-round selection in 2022 and he’s wasted no time in making his presence felt during offseason workouts so far.

Cine has reportedly gotten plenty of work with the first-team unit at OTAs and held his own. Much more will be needed in training camp, but the chances of him earning the spot alongside Harrison Smith on the backend are high.

This means nothing but good news for the Vikings. Cine is riding on the crest of a wave following his national championship triumph at Georgia and if he can bring this into the pros, Minnesota has a real player on their hands.

It’s unlikely that Cine won’t encounter some growing pains during his initial transition. But his high football IQ and natural instincts mean that the Vikings should be supremely confident in his short and long-term potential.

The best-case scenario for Cine would be to start Day 1 and acclimatize quickly. Having two difference-makers free to roam the field and make plays from the safety position would be a significant asset for Ed Donatell and his new 3-4 defense to utilize, but whether it comes off or not is another matter.