Vikings fans among the ‘most sensitive’ according to former NFL player

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Former NFL defensive lineman Chris Long recently claimed that the Minnesota Vikings have one of the most sensitive fan bases in the league.

For more than 60 years, fans of the Minnesota Vikings have watched their favorite team take the field every season and compete to finish as the very best team in the NFL.

The Vikings have had many memorable moments over the years and they’ve had several impressively successful seasons. However, none of these have ended up with Minnesota capturing a Super Bowl victory.

It’s the one thing that the Vikings have yet to achieve during their existence and the lack of hardware in their trophy case is what makes it even harder for fans to stomach the disappointment that seems to come at the end of each and every season.

Former NFL player Chris Long labels Minnesota Vikings fans as some of the “most sensitive” in the league

When it comes to fans around the NFL, Minnesota has one of the most passionate fan bases in the league. Given the type of suffering and heartbreak Vikings fans have endured during the team’s history, Minnesota wouldn’t have anyone left to cheer for them if not for the intense passion that exists within their fan base.

For those looking in from the outside, some might confuse the passion of Vikings fans with sensitivity. Former NFL player turned podcaster, Chris Long, is among those who have misinterpreted the passion of Minnesota’s fans.

Long also listed the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins fan bases as some of the most sensitive in the NFL. The fans of these two teams should be miles ahead of the Vikings when it comes to sensitivity since both the Cowboys and Dolphins have at least won multiple Super Bowls during their existence.

But Long might be using a specific experience of his to support his argument when it comes to Minnesota.

You see, he was part of the Philadelphia Eagles team that beat the Vikings in the 2017 NFC Championship and then won the Super Bowl inside Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium shortly after. Long probably had some encounters with some not-so-nice Vikings fans during his time in the Twin Cities leading up to the Super Bowl.

But would you be thrilled to meet someone who played for a squad that just prevented your favorite team from having the opportunity to win their first-ever Super Bowl, and not just that, to also have the opportunity to win that Super Bowl inside their home stadium?

Maybe Long has other stories about Vikings fans that made him reach this conclusion about them being sensitive, and if that’s the case, then fine. But don’t judge Minnesota’s fans on their reaction to one of the most brutal endings to a season in the franchise’s history.

Plus, it’s not like Vikings fans have ever booed Santa Clause or anything like that.

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