3 small changes that could make a major difference for Vikings in 2022

(Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports) Kevin O'Connell
(Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports) Kevin O'Connell /
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What small changes could make a big difference for the Minnesota Vikings in 2022?

Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell has left a tremendous impression in a short space of time. There appears to be a renewed sense of energy within the organization thanks to his presence, with many players already speaking publicly about the breath of fresh air following the team’s decision to part ways with Mike Zimmer after the 2021 season came to a conclusion.

Making such landmark changes across the board was a big risk for ownership. One they felt could propel a talented roster back into playoff contention rather than gutting things from the top down.

It won’t take much to make this dream a reality. The Vikings won eight games last season and lost plenty of close contests, so a few tweaks here and there could see playoff football return once again.

With this in mind, here are three small changes that could make a big difference for the Vikings in 2022.

Small Change No. 1

Minnesota Vikings
(Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports) Kevin O’Connell /

New eyes on old faces

As stated previously, it won’t take much for the Vikings to propel forward in 2022. Perhaps all it’ll take is new eyes on old faces.

Things had obviously become somewhat stale under Mike Zimmer. Not entirely unexpected considering his length of time as head coach and an old-school approach that might not translate well to some modern-day players.

A fresh coaching staff with different perceptions might be the spark that unlocks Minnesota’s true potential. And sometimes even the simplest things make a massive difference.