7 other backup quarterback options for the Vikings to consider for 2022

(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) Cam Newton
(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) Cam Newton /
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With Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion not performing well this summer, who are some other quarterbacks the Minnesota Vikings should consider adding?

Since 2018, the Minnesota Vikings haven’t had to worry about figuring out who would end up as their starting quarterback for the regular season as Kirk Cousins has had the role locked down during his entire tenure with the team.

With Cousins returning as the starter again this year, the Vikings have been holding a battle for the No. 2 quarterback job this summer between Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion.

Mannion has been Minnesota’s top backup signal-caller for the last three seasons. But every time the Vikings have asked him to take any meaningful snaps during the last three years, he looks like someone just taught him to play football five minutes before going onto the field.

Mond was selected by Minnesota in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft, and to be honest, he wasn’t really given a fair chance by the previous coaching staff to do much of anything as a rookie. This year, however, the Vikings’ new coaches have given the young quarterback plenty of opportunities to grab ahold of the team’s top backup job behind Cousins.

Unfortunately, neither Mond nor Mannion has been able to really separate themself from the other in their current positional battle. Some have wondered if Minnesota’s No. 2 quarterback for the upcoming regular season is even on their roster yet (including the team).

So if the Vikings are going to make a move for someone else to be their No. 2 signal-caller this year, who are some of the quarterbacks they could potentially add either in free agency or with a trade?