6 biggest takeaways from Vikings vs. 49ers in preseason Week 2

Ty Chandler - Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
Ty Chandler - Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports /
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A couple of players likely earned roster spots

The NFL preseason is mostly about finding out who the best combination of 53 players will be to put on the roster heading into the regular season. For the most part, the Minnesota Vikings already know who will be the starters on both offense and defense with only a few exceptions, but the player depth is still questionable.

One player who continues to look good in the preseason is defensive lineman T.Y. McGill. He has two sacks in each of the first two preseason games and has been a disruptive force off the ball any time he is on the field.

Another player who looked great was Ty Chandler. The rookie running back looked speedy and efficient against San Francisco, hitting the holes created for him by the offensive line and maximizing yardage.

McGill is currently listed as a third-string defensive lineman while Chandler is the fourth running back. Despite being low in the pecking order at the moment, these two did enough to secure a spot on the team in the first two preseason games.