Cam Dantzler reveals an important rediscovery he made this offseason

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Cameron Dantzler
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Cameron Dantzler /

Cornerback Cam Dantzler made himself a priority this offseason and worked hard to make himself a better defensive player for the Vikings.

Adjusting from the college level of football to playing in the NFL is a massive challenge for any player. Cornerbacks might have the most trouble since they will face amazingly athletic receivers and accurate quarterbacks every week.

Sometimes mistakes or disappointments can mentally get to a player and keep them from performing their best. Getting that confidence and swagger back can create a night-and-day difference on the football field.

One player who knows how important confidence can be is Cameron Dantzler.  In a recent article on the CBS Minnesota website, he shared that one of his goals coming into this season was to get his swagger back.

"“One of my goals was to get my confidence back, get my swagger back. And I feel like I picked it up this offseason, working with guys like Pat (Peterson), Ron Clark, Morgan Wills, Jordan Bush. Working with those guys made me get my confidence back, that swagger. So my goal was to play my type of game and just be Cam.”"

Most of the best cornerbacks in NFL history are the ones who exuded confidence. They knew that when they would go head-to-head against the best receivers in the league that they would be able to handle the pressure and make plays against them.

For Dantzler, his confidence not only comes from his mental position but he added that he felt the new-look Vikings defense will give him opportunities to showcase his abilities by putting him in positive situations.

"“I feel like this defense is for everybody’s strengths,” said Dantzler. “Coach Donatell is putting us in the right positions to make plays on the ball.”"

At the moment, Dantzler is attempting to hold off rookie cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. for the starting spot opposite veteran Patrick Peterson. Considering the preseason injury to Booth and the experience Dantzler has acquired during his first two seasons in the league, Cam should be able to showcase his skills on the field in Week 1 of the regular season.

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