4 most disappointing Vikings in the win over the Saints in Week 4

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Johnny Mundt
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Johnny Mundt /
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(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Johnny Mundt /

Johnny Mundt – TE

After the big Irv Smith Jr. drop against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2, and another against the Detroit Lions in Week 3, there were rumblings on the internet that maybe the Vikings are better off having Johnny Mundt be their No. 1 tight end.

Some of the reasons for this were that tight end isn’t overly important to Minnesota’s new offense, and Mundt has pretty much hauled in every single ball that has come his way.

After the game against the Saints, the hands argument can be thrown away because Mundt had one of the worst drops we’ve ever seen a Vikings player make in recent memory.

Mundt, like the majority of Minnesota’s receivers, had trouble catching the ball in London, and that accounted for the abnormally large amount of Greg Joseph field goals.

At some point in the second half, the Vikings were again marching down the field to go up by two scores. They were deep in the red zone when Kirk Cousins rolled right and had a wide-open Mundt in the flats.

He threw a perfectly placed ball, but somehow, it went right through Mundt’s hands and fell to the turf. The play wasn’t a shoo-in, but there was a chance Mundt could have fought his way to the end zone on it.

After that horrifying drop, Mundt was rarely seen on the field, clearly being punished for his lack of hands. Minnesota now has two tight ends with questionable mitts, and it is probably safe to assume the number of targets to the tight ends is going to dip in the coming weeks.