2023 Vikings Mock Draft: What Minnesota needs 4 games into the 2022 season

(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) Rakim Jarrett
(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) Rakim Jarrett /
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After their first four games of the 2022 season, which prospects might the Minnesota Vikings want to select in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Minnesota Vikings are off to a great start to the NFL season despite some lackluster performances from their top players. Even with a good year in store, there are plenty of things to clean up across the roster as the new regime makes its imprint.

Kirk Cousins signed an extension prior to the season, and although he has not necessarily played up to that deal so far, the Vikings do not seem likely to draft a quarterback anytime soon.

Minnesota probably will not be in a position to grab a top passing prospect in 2023, and they likely would not reach for a developmental quarterback with so many other issues on the roster.

While it would always be fun to speculate about the future of this franchise, a quarterback is not in the cards as things stand currently. Instead, the Vikings should use their draft picks to bolster the defense and perhaps add a playmaker to the offense to further help Cousins.

Through four games this season, we can infer a few things. First, the offense is taking some time to get rolling, and Cousins needs help from his receivers. When Justin Jefferson gets eliminated, the Vikings are going to need more playmakers that can step up and stretch the field.

Secondly, the defense is young and full of injuries. Andrew Booth Jr. has hardly played in his rookie season and injuries were a constant problem for him at Clemson. Lewis Cine, Minnesota’s first-round selection last April, played in a limited role on defense before suffering a season-ending injury last week in London.

With so many concerns surrounding the roster, the Vikings need to nail their next draft. These are the top prospects to help them do just that.