4 underutilized Vikings who should see more snaps in 2022

(Photo by Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) Jalen Reagor
(Photo by Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) Jalen Reagor /
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A month into the 2022 season, who are some underutilized Minnesota Vikings players that could potentially help the team improve some of their weaknesses?

Heading into Week 5 of the 2022 season, no team in the NFL has used a fewer variety of players out on the field than the Minnesota Vikings.

In four games this year, the Vikings have used 50 different players on offense, defense, and special teams. This is 10 fewer than the Tennessee Titans who have used 60, the Buffalo Bills who have used 58, and the New York Giants who have also used 58 different members of their roster this season.

When looking specifically at Minnesota’s offense, only 18 members of the roster have been on the field for at least one offensive snap this year, which is also the fewest amount in the league. The Los Angeles Rams have used the widest variety of players in their offense in the NFL this season as 32 different members of their roster have at least one snap with the unit in their four matchups.

Now, some of this utilization is due to the health of the roster, and that’s understandable. But for other teams, like the Vikings, they’re probably not getting the most from their roster that they could.

Even with a 3-1 record, the Vikings have plenty of areas on their roster that need improving. Luckily for Minnesota, there are already a few players on their roster who could potentially help them improve some of their weaknesses if they are given more opportunities.

So when looking at the next few weeks, who are some of the more underutilized Vikings players this season that the team should try to get on the field more often to help the team remain in contention for a spot in the playoffs?