Packers fans want Green Bay to hire Mike Zimmer to run their defense

(Photo by Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) Mike Zimmer
(Photo by Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) Mike Zimmer /

Frustrated by the performance of their team’s defense, some Green Bay Packers fans would like to see the team hire former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer.

From 2014 to 2021, Green Bay Packers fans loved to root against Mike Zimmer when he was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. But now, some members of the Packers fan base are calling for Zimmer’s help.

Following Green Bay’s shocking loss to the New York Giants this past Sunday, Packers fans took to Twitter to express their desire for their team to hire the former Vikings head coach.

Why former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer likely won’t join the Green Bay Packers

It’s pretty hilarious that months after laughing at Minnesota for firing Zimmer, Packers fans are now like “you know what? His defenses actually weren’t that bad.”

Green Bay fans are clearly disappointed with the performance of their defense this season under defensive coordinator Joe Barry. But replacing him with Zimmer or bringing in the former Vikings head coach as some sort of consultant doesn’t make a ton of sense.

The biggest problem is that Zimmer ran a completely different scheme than what Barry is running with the Packers this year. Green Bay utilizes a 3-4 base defensive alignment, while Zimmer has run a 4-3 defensive alignment for the majority of his career, especially during his tenure in Minnesota.

Perhaps the former Vikings coach could offer his knowledge to help the Packers’ secondary decrease the number of big plays they’ve given up this season. However, Zimmer might be looked at as a traitor in the eyes of Minnesota fans if he decided to help his former team’s biggest rival.

At the same time, Zimmer was fired by the Vikings, so he might view joining Green Bay’s staff as a way to get back at the team that showed him the door earlier this year.

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