5 Vikings who could benefit most from their bye week

(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Andrew Booth Jr.
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Andrew Booth Jr. /
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Ed Ingram – RG

Ed Ingram is still a rookie, and he has only played six career games in the NFL, so the fact that he is struggling this season isn’t much of a shocker.

The second-round pick out of LSU has shown a lot of potential for the Vikings, and this is in no way meant to be hateful on the big man, but his league-leading four sacks allowed is a rough stat to own.

Ingram has been a mauler when it comes to run blocking, but his pass blocking is unrefined, and it has hurt Minnesota at times this season.

Being a starter in year one, especially along the offensive line, is no easy task at all. While Ingram has done a fine job, the bye week should be a great help to the rookie, allowing him time to refocus and get ready for the rest of the season.

The ability is clearly there for Ingram, it will just take time for him to perfect his craft. The week off should give him a much-needed breather and Vikings fans can only hope he comes back after this week ready to make some pancakes.

Minnesota has a solid veteran guard waiting behind Ingram in the form of Chris Reed, and while this isn’t calling for Ingram to be benched, he should know that Reed has the ability to be the starter if the rookie isn’t fully up to the task.