3 most monumental turning points for the Vikings in win over the Bills

(Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images) Dalvin Cook
(Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images) Dalvin Cook /
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Minnesota Vikings
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Kendricks’ fumble recovery touchdown

The game was basically over. The Vikings failed to score a go-ahead touchdown with less than a minute left in the contest, and the Bills were going to hold on for the win.

All Buffalo had to do was gain a few yards to run out the game clock. It seemed simple enough. But then something miraculous happened.

At first, the majority of people watching the matchup thought that Minnesota had earned a safety by tackling Bills quarterback Josh Allen in his own end zone. But then the outcome of the play turned out to be something even better for the Vikings.

Allen actually fumbled the snap inside Buffalo’s end zone and Minnesota linebacker Eric Kendricks wound up recovering the football to miraculously give the Vikings the lead.

No one thought a play like this was even possible. But, once again, Minnesota’s defense never gave up hope, and they were there to take advantage of the Bills’ huge mistake.

Without this moment, the Vikings don’t win the game.

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