4 silver linings from the Vikings horrible loss to the Cowboys

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Patrick Peterson
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Patrick Peterson /
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Joseph didn’t miss a kick

It’s true, Greg Joseph was perfect on the day. He was trotted out after T.J. Hockeson had back-to-back drops on the team’s second series of the game. It was a 25-yard attempt which was even closer than the extra points that have given him so much trouble this year. Joseph hit it dead center to tie the game, and then things went to hell.

Obviously, this is said mostly tongue in cheek, but Joseph didn’t put the team in a position to lose the game with his leg the way he has the last couple of weeks.

He has been consistent in missing kicks that put the Vikings up by two scores or four points instead of three. He only had one opportunity to kick against the Cowboys, and he did his job. That is something we haven’t been able to say about Minnesota’s kicker during a home game in many weeks.

Kicking is a very mental game, and this is a win for Joseph. It’s a minor win, but at least he didn’t go home Sunday night kicking himself for putting the game in jeopardy because he failed to do what the Vikings pay him to do.